Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A winter/spring day

The snow is almost gone in the exercise yards around our kennel, which means it is mud season....Snow is also going in many of our favorite training locales and the temperatures are warming which means but the time we travel to them conditions can be a bit less than optimal. We are awaiting some more of the snow to melt and local trails to dry out so we might get out on out carts and scooters.

The new cart that I got Bob for his birthday has arrived and I will need to take some photos so that I can post here. It is made by Artis carts and looks like it is going to be a very nice addition to our suite of training equipment here. It is similar in design to the carts made by German designer Fritz Dyck but with a few differences. It has a wider wheel base, and a slightly different dirt brake mechanism. At this point Artis carts only come in a three wheel version. One of the nice features of this cart is that it has a very easy to use lever for the dirt brake, a feature not found on the Fritz Dyck three wheel cart, at least when we purchased one. These two brands of carts are the only that we know of that have a dirt brake. We have been very impressed over the years by the the ability of this device to hold and control a team while out on the trail. We have been using both the Fritz Dyck SAM and TOM in our training program for several years. In the future I will post some pictures of the new cart but meanwhile here are some pictures taken around our place today of the house and dogs.

Happy Pepper

Pepper above and Nova below

Dasher and Back Yard

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