Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009

Winter is very slowly releasing its icy grip on the north country in Idaho. It has receded from our yards, leaving just the piles on the north side of our house and other buildings. We find ourselves not enjoying its continued gifts of snow, however beautiful.....and instead looking forward to spring. There are still trails to be skijored or venture by sled but our energies have been somewhat low after the finish of the race season. We are looking forward to some carting and scootering when the trails clear

The dogs are enjoying themselves, however; playing in the yards, enjoying those last snow mounds playing king of the mound. Here are some images of them doing what they do. Above is Starr and Saffron. Pictured here is Saffron again.

This is pretty Kes, she especially enjoys this time of year as she is an avid digger. Her coat nonetheless stays amazingly clean.

Brother Blizzard (l) and Donner (r) enjoying each others company. Looks like Donner is asking his brother here if he would like to romp.

Portrait of handsome Blizzard, showing off his distinctive biscuit mask.

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