Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring....yahooo! But...that means MUD

We are down to a 4 inch snow pack now on the property. It has been disappearing much more quickly as our nights have grown warmer, temperatures above freezing. Yes I admit to a certain obsession with this topic. I do enjoy the snow and winter and there is a part of me that is sorry to see it all go. But once it does start to go, this in between stage is just not for me! What is it about retreating snow that leaves mud the consistency of clay ready to be worked. Clay that sticks to whatever crosses over it, whether it be my dogs or me. Of course the young dogs are always filthy this time of year. They can get a bath one day and within another day or two it is hard to tell that any shampoo touched their bodies. Much of it will fall off once the dogs are dry so that is the best strategy for me!

In addition to receding snow, and encroaching mud, other signs of spring here include the morning cacophony of birds. We are starting to see greater variety at our feeders, today a downey woodpecker, towhee, red breasted nuthatch all came to visit. We've had chickadees, juncos, and house finches as regular visitors, along with occasional goldfinches.

Another recent discovery has been "facebook". Funny how one discovers that all of sudden there has been this whole other world of electronic communication out there that they were not aware of. The networking abilities available through this tool seem boundless.

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