Friday, December 26, 2008

Fall fruits

Most of the berries are gone from shrubs in our yard except for the bright red ones on the European Mountain Ash. Each day they attract many birds, Red Shafted Flickers and Cedar Waxwings are the most numerous. Black oil sunflowers in the bird feeders bring pine siskins, yellow goldfinches and an occasional house finch. Little snow fell through most of fall 2008, and temperatures remained above average. Still by the first half of December things were getting frosty and I captured some of this magic with my lens.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sammy Play Day

On Saturday, November 29, we had a Samoyed play day at Jim and Susie Malcolm's place north of Blanchard Idaho. Jim and Susie live on 20 acres north of 640 acres of State Forest land. Our purpose for the day was to gather together a group of samoyed enthusiasts and introduce those whose dogs had never had a chance to work in harness to doing so and for those that had to get out and try some new trails. We had 2 inches of snow fall the day before which provided us with a new opportunity for those with one or two dogs to try out a kick sled. The photos show some of the activities enjoyed by all.