Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a wonderful July!

Summer is about half over now, hard to believe. We've passed the longest day. Days are still very long but we have definitely turned the corner and are headed by to the equinox. In northern Idaho one can always tell mid summer has come and fall is not far away because the ninebark shrub will begin to turn. The leaves on this shrub turn a brilliant red, and are one of the first plants to do so in the fall. As I drove over through Spirit Lake last week I noticed the first ninebark leaves begin to turn, the first harbinger of fall, already in July. But this is northern Idaho.

Bob has been very busy in the back yard creating a new bed for vegetables. It is a raised bed. It won't be ready this year but it will be for next year. Today we went over to friends and picked up some manure, now a little more topsoil and we'll be ready to go. We've also "surveyed" our hay field, with our GPS, 7 acres...

Earlier in the month we visited Cedar in Old Town with his new owner Luanne. He has a wonderful home there and seems to be fitting in really well. Here are a few photos to capture some of our recent activites.

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