Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Catching Up

had a computer glitch so my last post did not get finished. I am catching up with this post, since I started this blog. It is July in northern Idaho, a time when days are long and it seems like we have hours and hours to get things done. This in contrast to our short days in December. This July brought some firsts to us. We planted a pasture to grass in 2004. Our idea initially was only to replace the knapweed field that was our view out our front door. However as the grass grew the thought occurred to us that perhaps we should be doing more than just growing hay, perhaps we could cut and sell hay. So this year we did that.

July and summer in general is also a time to enjoy the outdoors whether it be to hike, get out on the water, garden or barbecue. This year we are making some major changes to our gardens. When we came here our front yard was a juniper maze, carefully clipped every year to maintain it's pattern. This was not the landscape we typically choose so finally this year we hired a landscape contractor to come and remove half of the junipers. We are now in the process of designing and planting our new landscape. Where junipers once ruled, flowering perennials abound.

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