Sunday, February 15, 2009


We've attended two races to date in 2009. The first was in Chemult Oregon, south of Bend. This has always been one of our favorite events because it receives so much community support. In spite of a lower snow pack this year, and a very fast track we had a good time. Bob did decide to skijor with only one dog due to the trail conditions. Rolo definitely missed his trail companion Simon (aka Ivan), particularly on the downhills when he was surprised to see bob catching up with him. My 6 dog sprint team did great. I really enjoy the course which has some variation to it, with some wide straight aways, one uphill and a nice winding section through the trees. Both days the team finished in around 32 minutes on the 5.5 mile course which is a little over 10 miles per hour for speed. I was really pleased with what I saw with the three pups, Pepper, Rose and Saffron, and Donner and Blizzard. Jezebel, as always helped young Rose learn the ropes of lead at a race.

On February 7-8 we traveled to Priest Lake Idaho for the 40 anniversary of the Priest Lake Race, put on by our home sled dog organization, the Inland Empire Sled Dog Association. We had a great turnout and the trail conditions were fabulous. On saturday I had one of my best runs ever at Priest lake with my 6 dog team, aided by a perfectly timed pass about 1/3 of the way around the course. The course is difficult for passing, due to its width, but that same feature also makes it very enjoyable to drive! I attach two pictures, one of my team and one of Bob's. The picture of my team is taken at the start on sunday. The one of Bob at the finish on saturday.

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